A New Year’s Gift from JPYC!|The distribution of approx. JPY25,000 worth of $JPYC to 20 people who’ve supported our OSS through DEV Protocol.

3 min readJan 4, 2022

JPYC Inc (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Noritaka Okabe) is pleased to announce that we will distribute 25,000 $JPYC evenly on January 5th to the top 20 contributors of JPYC on Stakes.social, a sponsored platform on the DEV Protocol developed by FRAME00, Inc (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Mayumi Hara).

Thanks to all of your support, we’ve sold more than 300 Million $JPYC, and $JPYC now can not only be used for exchanging itself to V-Preca Gifts, but also for a shoppings at “Ginza Matsuya”.

In addition to the purchase and daily use of JPYC, we are also receiving support for the development of JPYC itself on various platforms including “Stakes.social”.

So, this time, we have decided to do the AirDrop of 25,000 $JPYC* (as New year’s Gift) to the top 20 people who have supported our OSS on the DEV protocol sponsored platform “Stakes.social” as of December 24th, 2021.
*This $JPYC is on Polygon Network

About this New Year’s Gift AirDrop campaign

  • Distribution date: 5th, January, 2022
  • Amount: Evenly, 25000 $JPYC(Polygon Network)
  • The way to do: AirDrop-like
    *distribute it to the wallets which have supported us on stakes.social
  • Subject of this campaign*: The top 20 people who have supported our OSS on the DEV protocol sponsored platform “Stakes.social” as of December 24th, 2021.

*The stakings made after this release will not eligible

About DEV Protocol and Stakes.social

Dev Protocol is a decentralized protocol from Japan that tokenizes OSS and turns it into a monetizable and sustainable one.

Using the sponsor platform “Stakes.social”, more than 1640 OSS have already been tokenized, and many developers from all over the world, regardless of whether they are companies or individuals, have succeeded in fundraising for their OSS.

In this service, the world’s first sustainable incentive model is provided, where both developers and sponsors benefit from staking in the OSS they want to support using DEV token ($DEV).

Developers can prove their ownership of the OSS and monetize everyone involved in the project. NFT is being used as the mechanism for this.

Previously, it was running on the Ethereum mainnet, but Stakes.social L2 went live on Arbitrum, an Ethereum Layer2 solution, in November 2021.
This has made it easier for those who had given up supporting due to the high gas price of Ethereum to support.

Of course, $JPYC is also already compatible with Stakes.social L2.




DevProtocol official web:https://devprotocol.xyz/

Dev Protocol on Arbitrum is Launched:https://medium.com/devprtcl/dev-protocol-on-arbitrum-is-launched-8ff10a7587b4

Introduction of other platform where you can support us

This time, JPYC is targeting supporters of the Dev Protocol, but there are many other platforms where many people supports us as well.
We would like to introduce some of the other support platforms.
We would be grateful for your continued support in the future.

① Gitcoin (Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, zkSync)

This service is designed to support open source developers and foster communities.
We’re now renewing the page, but you can still donate and support us without any problems.
For more information about JPYC’s development status, please check our Twitter.


② dApp Staking (Shiden Network)

Stake Technologies, our business partner, is leading the development of the Astar/Shiden blockchain platform, which allows developers to be supported sustainably.
By staking SDNs, an unique tokens issued by Shiden Network, to “dApp Staking”, supporters will be able to receive regular staking rewards while supporting developers.
The service will also be available on Astar Network in the future.

*Staking reward distribution ratio…Developers : Staking supporters = 4:1


About JPYC Inc.

JPYC Inc. was founded in November 2019. In January 2021, it issued JPYC, Japanese Yen-pegged stablecoin, as Japan’s first ERC20 prepaid payment instrument for own business. JPYC Inc. is actively partnering with various compatible businesses in order to increase JPYC users.

◾️ Company Information

・Company Name: JPYC Inc.

・CEO: Noritaka Okabe

・Location: FINOLAB, 1 Chome-6–1 Ōtemachi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 100–0004, Japan

・Founded date: November 2019

・Service: Issuer of ERC20 prepaid payment instrument for own business and consulting services for all aspects of blockchain including NFT

・Memberships: Member of Blockchain Collaborative Consortium(BCCC)

Type one Member of Japan Payment Service Association

Regular member of Japan DeFi Association

・Audit: Akari Audit & Co.

・URL: https://jcam.co.jp/




$JPYC is the Japanese Yen-pegged Stablecoin which complies with Japanese law.