Announcing the result of “2nd Japanese Yen Hackathon” using Japanese Yen-pegged stablecoin $JPYC!

Result Announcement of The 2nd Japanese Yen Hackathon



  • Age Limit: nothing
  • Area Limit: nothing
  • Language when you give a pitch: Japanese(Documents can be written in English)
  • Others: Have a passionate ideas for familiarizing $JPYC


  • Prior-lectures: January 28th (Fri) 〜 April 1st (Fri)
    ※10 sessions in total
    ※We conducted “Japanese Yen Hackathon Pre-test”
  • Application Period: March 1st (Tue) ~ April 20th (Wed)
  • Number of Participants: First 10 teams (First-come-first-served basis)
  • Orientation: April 16th (Sat)
    ※8 days implementation (preparation) period
  • Presentation day: April 24th (Sun)
  • Day of result: April 24th (Sun)
  • Before the hackathon: We held “Hackathon Introductory Lectures”

Day1: The orientation and midterm presentation

Photo: a part of midterm presentation

Day2: Presentation and announcement of the result

Photo: Presentation time

The result

Team: Miren-gers

Team: Yen no Shita no Chikara Mochi

Team: Dancing Token

Fun project “Idea-thon”

Community Award: Team “Anoaka: The Account We Made That Day”

Judges’ Award: Team “Sauna Community with NFT (N-SaCo)”

About co-sponsors

▼Scalably Inc:

▼Everscale Japan:

▼About JPYC, Inc

About us



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