How to Use JPYC Exchanged For Otaku Coin (if by smart phone)

* As even beginners can understand, we have omitted technical terms as much as possible, so please kindly note that for the lack of rigor.

Thank you for participating in the promotion of JPYC and Otaku Coin Association.

We would like to explain how to use the JPYC you received this time.

Before that, it is helpful to know what the JPYC is !

Table of Contents
~ What is JPYC? ~
~What can we use the JPYC I received this time for? ~
~ How to display JPYC in Metamask?~
~ Let’s swap and convert with Bitcoin or Ethereum~
~ When in trouble ~

What is JPYC?
JPYC is a stable coin that can be used on with 1JPYC = 1 yen!
(seems that other shops will also officially support it)
Legally, it is a prepaid payment instrument and the same treatment as a book card or gift certificate.

1. Shop at via the JPYC official

2. Swap and convert with Bitcoin(WBTC) or Ethereum

3. Use to charge for games on the Polygon network

The most basic of this article, 2

“Swap and convert with Bitcoin(WBTC) or Ethereum”

I would like to explain how to do it!

How to Display JPYC on Metamask
(This explanation based on the Metamask smart phone version. For other wallet methods, please ask on the official web or in the #Question section in the Discord server of the JPYC fan community!)

JPYC on your Metamask is not visible by default.

You can see it by making your wallet compatible with a network called “Polygon network”.

Tap the three lines on the upper left of the wallet,

Tap [Settings]

Tap [Network]

Tap [Add Network]

Fill in the blanks as shown below, then tap [Add]

Network name: Matic Main net


Chain ID: 137

Currency symbol: MATIC

Block explorer URL:

When this screen appears, tap [Add Token]

Tap the [custom token] to put the token address


Enter and wait for a few seconds, the screen below will appear, so tap [Add Token].

When the screen below appears, you are ready to do it!


2. Swap and convert with Bitcoin(WBTC) or Ethereum

Quickswap works in a similar way to Uniswap.

JPYC on Matic:

— <When in Trouble> —
If you have any questions, please use the inquiry form on the
Official website :, or
Discord server:( #question section
made by volunteer fans of the JPYC fans community!

At present, it seems that people are often quick to respond. (Thanks to the fans!)

If you want to know other ways on the use case, you may want to ask anything in Discord.

Then, thank you for your continued support of JPYC.

In addition, the use of various DeFi itself shall be done under the authority and responsibility of each user, and the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by his use of DeFi. Please note.

JPYC Official Website [ ]
Click here to purchase and use JPYC. You can also see white papers and frequently asked questions!



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$JPYC is the Japanese Yen-pegged Stablecoin which complies with Japanese law.