Introducing JPYC = JPY StableCoin

What is JPYC

What is the purpose of JPYC?

The mechanism of JPYC keeping the price

When the secondary distribution price of 1 JPYC is over 1 Yen, we believe the price will be stable approaching 1 Yen by our continuous selling at a ratio of 1 JPYC to 1 Yen. Besides, regardless of above when the average price of the secondary distribution has been over 1 Yen for a long time and we deposited over the amount required by the Payment Services Act (hereinafter referred to as excessive deposit, including financial institution guarantee), in order to prevent the decrease in capital efficiency due the excessive deposit, the portion of the deposit might be withdrawn, the amount determined by us that the average secondary market price is not less than 1 Yen within a range of 30% or less.

Contract Address of JPYC

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Who Made JPYC?

It is made by Japan Crypto Asset Market, inc, a fintech company. Discussing with the Financial Services Agency, JPYC is issued based on Japanese law. You can see our development team and advisers from here.


Is JPYC Secure?

  • Information release on GitHub (
  • JPYC is deposited by Legal Affairs Bureau based on domestic law
  • The result of insurance contract TECHFUND

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