JPYC and Sushi Collaboration|Healthy development of the secondary distribution market

3 min readJul 9, 2021


JPYC Inc, is pleased to announce that it has formed a collaboration with the Sushi Team regarding the “exchange of stable coins, which are treated as prepaid means of payment, for points.

The Sushi Team and our company will collaborate on the exchange of JPYC, stablecoins issued by our company,and promote Sushi to the Japanese community.

Background and Details of the Collaboration

With the rise of DeFi services, exchanges between ERC20s are becoming more and more active. As part of its efforts to promote the healthy secondary market of stable coins as a means of prepaid payment, JPYC has joined GoodFi, decentralized NPO.

However, DeFi is an emerging market, and the future remains uncertain, including risk management. In addition, the risk to ordinary users from attacks on DeFi products and others is increasing. However, it is difficult for a single company to establish the entire management system due to the high level of expertise and scope, requiring experienced personnel and many sources of information.

The Sushi team, on the other hand, has proven to be a stable team with a proven track record of providing fast service to DeFi users.

For this reason, we have decided to establish a system with the Sushi team to promote the sound secondary market of stable coins as a means of prepaid payment, in order to co-create a system for the secondary market.

Comments from the Sushi Team

We are excited to work with JPYC, the first Japanese Yen Stablecoin, to bring Sushi and DeFi to the Japanese crypto community.

From this collaboration, users can directly access Sushi on JPYC Apps and trade JPYC on Sushi (mainnet and Polygon).

About JPYC

JPYC can be purchased by anyone, regardless of age, and can be used to purchase products. In addition, JPYC is compatible with multiple blockchain networks such as Polygon and xDAI, and we are planning to expand the support in the future.

In order to make JPYC available to as many people as possible, we are actively pursuing business partnerships with businesses with which we have a high affinity.

About Sushi

Sushi is building a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem with AMM, leverage & margin trading platform, token launchpad and NFT artist platform. This total-package ecosystem provides the powerful tools of DeFi that unlock the power of your cryptocurrencies through multiple passive income streams, all in one place.

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$JPYC is the Japanese Yen-pegged Stablecoin which complies with Japanese law.