JPYC Inc. Is to Launch The Promotion Purchasing JPYC (JPYCoin) in Stablecoin DAI

Stablecoin DAI Is Added To JPYC Payment Methods

3 min readJul 19, 2021

JPYC Inc. (Tokyo, Minato-ku, CEO: Noritaka Okabe) starts a promotion to add stablecoin DAI to the payment method of JPYC. After this promotion, we will formally introduce DAI.

Overview of This Promotion

Purchase JPYC in Stablecoin DAI

In this promotion, we will introduce Ethereum mainnet DAI as one of the payment methods of JPYC. We are aiming at creating an environment that is easy to access JPYC for more users.

Buy JPYC here.

About Stablecoin DAI

DAI is the first decentralised stablecoin backed by crypto collaterals and managed by MakerDAO, which is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
MakerDAO is one of the oldest blockchain projects in the blockchain space backed by Andreessen Horowitz. It is a decentralized and permissionless lending platform that allows users to borrow its USD pegged stablecoin, called Dai, against their token assets and to achieve price stability in crypto, creating an opportunity to interact with decentralized applications without experiencing the volatility of the overall cryptocurrency market.
The total DAI in circulation today is 5.47 billion USD.

More information on MakerDAO and Stablecoin DAI are here.

Promotion Period

The application: Monday, July 19th ~ Sunday, July 25th 10:00 p.m.
Deposit DAI: Monday, July 19th ~ Sunday, July 25th 11:59 p.m.
Get JPYC: Monday, July 19th ~ Monday, July 26th

As soon as we confirm the DAI transfer to our wallet address, we send JPYC in order. The rate at the time of application is to be applied.

Background of This Promotion

JPYC was issued as an ERC20 prepaid Japanese yen stablecoin on January 27th 2021. Within 6 months, the total purchase amount reached ¥80 million, and more than 2500 corporates and individuals are utilizing it. Now, the payment methods are only bank transfers and ETH. From now on, DAI has its name entered into the JPYC payment method. Although this promotion includes an operation test, we plan to officially add DAI in August. At that time, not only the ETH mainnet but also the Polygon mainnet and the xDAI mainnet will be introduced.

About JPYC Inc.

We issued JPYC, ERC20 prepaid stablecoin, for the first time in Japan in January 2021. To make JPYC available for more people, we are willing to take partnership with friendly business operators.

【Overview of Company】

  • Company Name: JPYC Inc.
  • CEO: Noritaka Okabe
  • Address: 4–8–12 Shibakoen, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105–0011 Japan
  • Establishment Date: November 2019
  • Business: Issuing ERC20 prepaid token, Consulting blockchain such as NFT
  • Member Organization: General Incorporated Association, Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC)
    General Incorporated Association, Japan Payment Service Association, The First-Class Member
  • URL:
  • Twitter:

【Contact Us About This Service and This Press Release】

  • Contact: JPYC, Inc. Public Relations Department Okabe, Takemori
  • TEL: 07041054162
    (Since we recommend the remote work, another person would answer the phone)
  • E-Mail:




$JPYC is the Japanese Yen-pegged Stablecoin which complies with Japanese law.