JPYC Is to Be Listed on CoinGecko|Market Data Gets Easier to Access

2 min readAug 10, 2021

JPYC Inc. (Tokyo, Minato-ku, CEO: Noritaka Okabe), which issued JPYC, announced that JPYC has just been listed on the CoinGecko website in July 2021. From now on, it is easily accessible to the market data related to JPYC on this website. JPYC is Japanese yen prepaid stablecoin available on JPYC Apps at the rate of 1 JPYC = ¥1.

About This News

Since JPYC has registered CoinGecko, it became easier to access the JPYC market data. More users recognizing JPYC, it is also expected that awareness of JPYC would increase.

About CoinGecko

CoinGecko is a website that shows market data such as market capitalization of cryptocurrency and tokens and trends of trading. Moreover, it collects each coin’s official website, the information about the community, and the link for the whitepaper. Therefore, people can get the information they want immediately.

*JPYC on CoinGecko is here.

About JPYC

  • In Japanese legal, it’s not cryptocurrency but one of the prepaid methods according to Payment Services Act
  • Available for everyone
  • Can be purchased in Japanese yen, ETH, BTC (currently JPY and ETH, BTC is to be added soon)
  • Purchase unit is from ¥10,000 converted price in JPY
  • 1JPYC=1JPY in transaction of goods and gold notes
  • JPYC official website:
  • JPYC Apps:
  • Official Twitter account:
  • ETH mainnet contract address: 0x2370f9d504c7a6e775bf6e14b3f12846b594cd53
  • Matic contract address: 0x6ae7dfc73e0dde2aa99ac063dcf7e8a63265108c
  • xDaI contract address: 0x417602f4fbdd471a431ae29fb5fe0a681964c11b

About JPYYC Inc.

We issued JPYC, ERC20 prepaid stablecoin, for the first time in Japan in January 2021. To make JPYC available for more people, we are willing to take partnership with friendly business operators.

【Overview of Company】
・Company Name: JPYC, Inc.
・CEO: Noritaka Okabe
・Address: 4–8–12 Shibakoen, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105–0011 Japan
・Establishment Date: November 2019
・Business: Issuing ERC20 prepaid token, Consulting blockchain such as NFT
・Member Organization:
General Incorporated Association, Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC)
General Incorporated Association, Japan Payment Service Association, The First-Class Member

【Contact Us About This Service and This Press Release】
・Contact: JPYC, Inc. Public Relations Department Okabe, Takemori
・TEL: 07041054162
(Since we recommend the remote work, another person would answer the phone)




$JPYC is the Japanese Yen-pegged Stablecoin which complies with Japanese law.