JPYC Is to Be Listed on CoinGecko|Market Data Gets Easier to Access

About This News

About CoinGecko

About JPYC

  • In Japanese legal, it’s not cryptocurrency but one of the prepaid methods according to Payment Services Act
  • Available for everyone
  • Can be purchased in Japanese yen, ETH, BTC (currently JPY and ETH, BTC is to be added soon)
  • Purchase unit is from ¥10,000 converted price in JPY
  • 1JPYC=1JPY in transaction of goods and gold notes
  • JPYC official website:
  • JPYC Apps:
  • Official Twitter account:
  • ETH mainnet contract address: 0x2370f9d504c7a6e775bf6e14b3f12846b594cd53
  • Matic contract address: 0x6ae7dfc73e0dde2aa99ac063dcf7e8a63265108c
  • xDaI contract address: 0x417602f4fbdd471a431ae29fb5fe0a681964c11b

About JPYYC Inc.



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